Most people know that choosing the right lighting is a huge part of interior design, but have you ever considered the role of lighting in your outdoor space? Whether or not you’ve ever thought about seeking professional outdoor lighting installation services, there’s no doubt that a little bit of light can go a long way.

Fused Electric specializes in walkway lighting, security lighting, and other types of outdoor lighting in Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas. If you want to add “something special” to your home, outdoor lighting is a great way to do the trick!

Light Up the Night With Walkway Lighting Installation

Walkway lighting can make any property “pop.” At Fused Electric, we believe that well-designed landscape lighting is an art form in and of itself! Welcome guests and household members alike into your home with an artfully designed walkway lighting system.

If you have children or older relatives, walkway lighting is a must since it keeps them safer, but we believe that anybody can benefit from this kind of outdoor lighting installation service. Speak with one of our experts today to get started crafting an outdoor space you’ll love!

Make Entertaining Easy With Outdoor Lighting Electrical Rewiring

Are you frustrated that you can’t hang up holiday lights or entertain guests outdoors because you have only a few (or no) outlets outdoors? We have a solution for you: outdoor lighting electrical rewiring! We can bring even old electrical systems into the modern age with some clever rewiring work, and you’ll finally be able to truly enjoy your outdoor space.

Protect Your Home: Security Lighting Wiring Services

Security lighting is a great investment if you want to feel more secure after the sun goes down. Security lighting can deter intruders and alert you of unwelcome visitors on your property. We can install anything from heavy-duty motion-activated flood lighting to small security lights along your property’s perimeter. All of our security lighting plans are custom-fit for your unique space to provide additional peace of mind.

Keep the Lights On: Security Lighting Rewiring & Repairs

Even if you don’t need brand-new outdoor lighting installation services, your outdoor lighting could still probably use some TLC if it’s been a couple of years. If your existing security lighting isn’t up to snuff or needs service, we’ll be right there! We can help you amplify your existing lighting or provide security lighting rewiring to fix problems and add outlets. Don’t leave your household in the dark for too long — have your outdoor lights fixed ASAP!

How Landscape Lighting Installation Services Can Improve Your Property

If you don’t use outdoor lighting on your property, you might not be aware of all the perks it can bring to your everyday life. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider landscape lighting installation services:

Our Other Work in Lehigh Valley, PA, & the Surrounding Areas

We may be highly reviewed for our outdoor lighting installation services, but rest assured that our electricians do more than just walkway lighting installation. We also work on many other electrical and HVAC home improvement projects, including but not limited to:

Experience Service From PA’s Top Outdoor Lighting Experts Today!

Are you ready to learn why your family, friends, and neighbors in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas love our outdoor lighting experts? Once we’re finished making your property shine, we think you’ll agree that we provide the best outdoor lighting installation services in the industry. Book service today online or by phone, and our team will be right with you.