Ignoring your electrical system can be dangerous, so add electrical maintenance to your spring cleaning routine! Here are some spring electrical maintenance and inspection essentials you can do that are crucial for your home this season.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Everyone hates that out of battery beeping sound, so take time this spring to test and replace broken units and batteries before you need them in an emergency. It is also recommended to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors—simply find the test button on the front or side of each unit and wait for a sound. For good measure, test your smoke detectors every month and replace carbon monoxide detectors every five years.

Protect Your Tech

Spring weather is usually relaxed, but summer storms will be on their way along with the risk of power outages and power surges. Surges don’t just affect your phone and television, they can also affect appliances from your fridge and washing machines to you toaster. Investing in a backup generator or whole-house surge protector is a great way to protect your home and your family, but it can also be as simple as replacing your outlets. Both these things should be done by a professional if you’re not experienced—no electrical upgrade is worth putting your safety at risk!  Call the professionals at Fused Electric for all your spring electrical maintenance needs!

Outdoor Spring Electrical Maintenance

Your homes’ exterior is just as important as the interior. Check your outdoor outlet covers and guarantee they close properly so no water or dirt can damage them or make them dangerous to touch. Many homes also have outdoor fog lights or lamp-posts that may have been damaged in winter or that you haven’t been able to reach due to weather.

spring electrical maintenance

Make sure that all bulbs are working properly and that none of the wiring is damaged by animal nests, inclement weather, or debris. This is also a great time to survey your tools and ensure they’re in working order for the yard maintenance tasks to come. Using your tools, trim trees so they don’t grow and get tabled with electrical wires, but do not approach electrical wiring itself! It can be very dangerous and if you’re unsure it’s best to call experienced professionals.

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