If you’ve invested in an electric vehicle or gas-electric hybrid model, you’re probably already enjoying the many benefits it can have for both your wallet and the environment. But if you’re still stuck charging your car at work or your local gas station, you’re not taking full advantage of your EV. Even if your electrical system is from the last century, it doesn’t mean that you can’t charge your EV at home… if you call the right team to work on your electrical system and set everything up correctly.

With Fused Electric, electric vehicle charging from the comfort of your home is closer than you think! And if you’re native to Lehigh Valley, PA, or the surrounding areas, our EV charger installation service experts are right near you. Learn more about our work below!

Types of EV Home Charging Stations

Whether or not you’re seriously considering EV charger installation services, you likely have questions about the different types of EV home charging stations that are available. Our EV charger installers work with two main types of stations:

Level 1 charging involves plugging your car into a standard 120V outlet equipped to handle its power output. This method allows for about 124 miles charged in 20-24 hours. However, not every 120V outlet can handle the currents of electric vehicles, which is why it’s important to schedule professional EV charger installation services before you plug your car into the first outlet you see.

Level 2 charging, also called “supercharging,” involves plugging a specialized charger into a 240V outlet. Most of the time, these outlets can charge your EV between 3 and 7 times faster than a standard charger.

Benefits of Home Electric Vehicle Charging

If you or someone else in your home uses an EV, it’s common sense to install an EV charger at home. Here are some of the countless perks of home EV charger installation service:

Electric Car Charger Installation Service and More!

At Fused Electric, we’re proud to provide Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas with more than just electric car charger installation services. We’re also ready and willing to help you with:

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