A lot has changed since your home was built — and we’re betting that your electrical panel could use a refresh or even a complete replacement. But to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly, you need the right team on your side. You need experts who guarantee qualified, professional, and affordable home electrical panel upgrade services. Don’t settle for the rest. Choose the best: Fused Electric!


Fused Electric is proud to provide the best electrical panel upgrades in PA. We serve customers throughout Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas, so chances are good that we’re right in your backyard! Get all the details below about how we can bring your home into the modern era.

Residential Home Panel Upgrades

An outdated electrical panel cannot send enough power to the different parts of your home where you need it to go, causing all kinds of irritating problems. Just about everything we use daily needs some sort of electrical power, and not having that power can quickly go from inconvenient to infuriating.

Your electrical panels are your system’s “brains.” And without good brains, your system can’t operate properly. We may not be brain surgeons, but we are skilled electricians, and we’ll ensure your system is smart enough to handle everything you need to enjoy your everyday life.

If your electrical panel is over 25-40+ years, it’s probably time for a replacement. Also, watch out for constantly flipping circuit breakers, visible rust or damage, or a burning smell. These are all signs that you need home electrical panel upgrade services ASAP. Luckily, our expert electricians can get the job done fast and bring the power back to your property!

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel? The Benefits of a Panel Upgrade

Our home electrical panel upgrade services aren’t just convenient — although convenience is definitely a great reason for an upgrade. An upgraded panel can also:

Once we finish our work and leave you to experience your newly enhanced system, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without an upgrade!

Don’t Need an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade? We’re Still Here For You!

Even if you’ve recently invested in residential home panel upgrades, our efficient electricians are still here for many other electrical and HVAC repair and installation projects. Here are some of the other jobs we perform in addition to home electrical panel upgrade services:

Call Fused For the Best Electrical Panel Upgrades in PA!

Many homeowners throughout Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas have already made the wise choice to call our crew for an electrical service panel upgrade. Don’t leave your home in the 20th century or risk harming your devices and appliances. Contact Fused Electric today for home electrical panel upgrade services and enjoy all the power you can handle!